I am a writer, director, and creative producer based in Los Angeles, California.  

In 2013, I started my own production company, called 2 AM Entertainment, with which I have written, directed and starred in three short films, LAST NIGHT (2013), NO WITNESSES (2014), and  CALLING ALL THE FREAKS (2016).  In 2013, I started working as a creative producer and video director for Pollution Studios, as well as a creative producer and art director for a small record label, Break Entertainment. With Break, I co-created photoshoot and music video concepts for several of Break's artists.   And in 2014, I was hired as a writer and creative producer for Magic Beans Creative.  I have created and produced content for USA Today, Funny or Die, StarMaker, Youtube, and produced several music videos and web branding content.  Currently, I am in development on several different projects.